Our Trainer

Cindy Cheong: Certified Master Trainer/Canine Behaviour Consultant

AVA Accredited Dog Trainer in Singapore, graduate from Master Trainer’s Course at National K-9 School in Ohio, USA with endorsements for all 12 disciplines offered – Basic and Advanced Obedience; Behaviour Modification; Breed Identification; Tracking; Personal Protection; Police K-9; Scent Detection; Utility; Puppy Development; Assistance Dog and Retrieval. Member of NK9DTA and IACP.

Dogs have been part of Cindy’s family for as long as she can remember. Her parents bred German Shepherds and boxers and adopted retired champion show Shetlands and Papillons when she was growing up. Before becoming a professional dog trainer she used to walk and teach her neighbours’ and friends’ dogs “tricks” in her free time. Over the years, she has helped care for and train hundreds of dogs of different breeds.

Her love affair with Miniature Schnauzers began when her nephew gave her one that he had rescued. His neighbour found caring for the dog too much trouble so they tied it to a lamp post everyday rain or shine. The dog’s skin was smelly and festering with open wounds. Her fur was also terribly matted. After much care and many visits to the vet, Oreo was as good as new. She was a beautiful dog and it was obvious that she had been obedience trained. She had lovely manners and was a joy to walk.

When Oreo passed on, Cindy got herself another Miniature Schnauzer, Drizabone. A breeder had put his litter of pups for sale, but she was the only one left unsold even after being advertised for many days. She was considered “ quite big” and not cute. But Driza opened up a whole new world to Cindy. When she was taught “tricks”, she could perform them after only two attempts. She could sit, lay down, “die” when “shot”, balance a biscuit on her nose, toss it in the air and catch it on command, crawl, do hi-fives, hi-tens, “say a prayer”, take a bow and find toys that Cindy would hide under pillows and deep inside cupboards !!!

Because Driza was such an intelligient dog, Cindy decided to breed her. Bugle was one of her pups and as they say “the rest is history”.