Our Training Programs


A fun way to learn obedience with focus on building a loving working relationship with your dog. Your dog will learn all the commands he needs to know to learn to learn so that any new commands you choose to teach him will be easily mastered. He will be taught to respond to both verbal commands and hand signals. More emphasis on diversifying your dog’s commands, working around distractions and advice will be given on unwanted behaviours like jumping up, pulling on leash, barking, nipping, mouthing & chewing. This program will also teach you leadership skills and management techniques.

• Loose leash walking
• Heel with Automatic Sit
• Sit
• Down
• Come when called
•  Place
• Finish
• Leave it
• Drop It
• Stand

Group Lessons – $560 for 8 lessons

• Great way to socialize your dog with new people and their dogs
• Teaches your dog to pay attention under distraction
• Classes are held weekly and lasts for 1 1/2 hours. These classes are not appropriate for people or dog aggressive dogs
• A dog training workbook will be provided to guide you through your daily homework with your dog.

Private lessons – $120/hr for weekdays before 5pm, $150/hr for weekends before 3pm

• Trainer will be at your preferred location at your preferred time for lesson
• Ideal for entire family to be involved in training, and also for those with unpredictable schedules
• Lesson will be customized and paced according to your dog’s learning speed
• Trainer will perform complete check on your dog’s background, social development, canine temperament, existing behavioural patterns & your training goals
• 1st lesson will last approximately 1 and half hours. Subsequent sessions are held weekly with each session lasting up to about 60mins
• 10-30mins will be between trainer and dog. After that, practical sessions will be given to you on all the commands that have been imparted


A natural next step in obedience training. Upon successful completion of our Basic Obedience Program, you may wish to apply for this upgrade.

All Basic Obedience commands but done off-leash.

Your dog will be able to respond to a diversity of commands indoors, outdoors, around distractions and in different environments both verbally and with hand signals. He will be reliable and taking him to the dog run will be a relaxing and enjoyable affair when you know that he will come when called.

Specialty Training ProgramPrice on application

All dogs must have a solid obedience foundation and under full control of the owner.

• Soft Mouth Retrieval
• Scent Detection
• Assistance Detection
• Tracking
• Personal Protection

Behaviour Modification Program$150 per session

• Correct unwanted behaviours. Stop excessive barking, separation anxiety, shyness, destruction of property (chewing, lack of toilet training), aggression, etc…
• Trainer will identify problem & implement a treatment program
• Improves the quality of life for you and your dog tremendously

Group Agility For Fun Programs

1. Dog Agility Confidence Course (4-weeks) $200

• “Test” program to see if your dog likes dog agility
• Confidence building for shy or fearful dogs
• All done on-leash
• 1.5 hrs/session

2. Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility (6-weeks) $360

• You and your dog will be taught how to become a team
• Motivating your dog
• Building a system of handling your dog off-leash so that you and your dog can learn how to run dog agility sequences & courses successfully
• 1.5 hrs/session

This class is required for moving into ANY of the dog agility classes listed below.

3. Contacts & Weave Pole Training Class (6-weeks) $360

• Training your dog independent performance of the A-Frame, Pause Table, Dog-Walk, Teeter & Weave Poles
• 1.5 hrs/session

Pre-requisite Class : Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility

4. Jump Training Class (6-weeks) $360

• Teaching jump skills to dogs
• Jump lanes
• Common Patterns
• Jump drills for agility
• 1.5 hrs/session

 Pre-requisite Class : Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility

 5. Agility Sequencing Class (6-weeks) $360

• This class will allow you to put your groundwork and your obstacle training all together so that you can run with your dogs through agility courses.
• You will learn about common patterns of obstacle sequences, while putting your handling skills to good use.
• 1.5 hrs/session

Pre-Requisite Classes: Foundation & Groundwork, Jump Training, & Contacts & Weaves

6. Dog Agility Games Class (4 weeks) $240

• A fun class for advanced students who are already running full courses on all obstacles with their dogs.
• Each week we will introduce and play a different agility game together!
• 1.5 hrs/session