Charcoal & His New Friends – see video

So proud of Charcoal. He used to be very distrustful of other dogs and would lunge, bark and snap when they were too close to him. Now after 9 days of BootCamp, he has new friends – Stitch, Slippers & Duchess and he looks quite happy running alongside them .

Charcoal The Miniature Schnauzer

Charcoal’s first day of BootCamp. He’s leash reactive to dogs. His mom wants him to learn to be calm, walk nicely on the leash and not react when he sees other dogs and young children on their daily walks. He’s learning the “Place” command now and he’s been pretty good

Misty – Mission Possible (see video)

Here are some things Misty’s mom wants addressed while she stays w me … • Social issues – barks when she sees other dogs, gets very excited and out of control. I’m thus very conscious when I take her out as I get so many dirty looks. Top of priority

Cosmo And The Place Command (see video)

I’m so impressed w Mr Cosmo. I’m told that he used to bark and attack the robot whenever it’s on. Here he is exercising restraint and staying very nicely on the mat. Amazing right ? Btw, that’s his mom’s voice in the video, not mine

Monty & Twinkle At West Coast Dog Run (See Video)

Monty & Tinkle did their workout at West Coast Dog Park this morning. Wow, I’ve never seen Monty so happy and relaxed before. Twinkle seems to have an amazing effect on her. Monty’s guardian angel

Reeve – Good Dog Gone Bad, Now Bad Dog Gone Good !!! (see video)

Day 2 – We went to visit the Collie, his neighbourhood nemesis and Reeve did great. No barking, no lungeing. The Collie cld even stick his face out of the gate & all Reeve did was to say hello. We went looking for trouble at Bishan Park and… Reeve was