Agility Class (6th July) Week 5

Despite the scorching heat yesterday, the dogs were still registering pretty good times. Looking good, teams

Dances With Wolves Class (Week 2)

We had such a lovely class this morning and the moms had a pretty good workout. Dog Yoga is so last year

Dances With Wolves Class

Our new doggy freestyle dance class “Dances With Wolves” starts 9th March 2014. Woo hoo !!!

Foundation And Groundwork For Dog Agility (12th Oct) – Week 1

Our new Foundation & Groundwork For Dog Agility Class started yesterday. I think the dogs and their handlers did great

Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility – Week 6 (see video)

Today we did some target practise and the dogs were also introduced to the chute. Spent lots of time practising our front and rear crosses too. I think this week it was the handlers who were concussed. No text messages or photos from anyone last night. Haha ….

Foundation and Groundwork for Dog Agility Class – Session 5 (see video)

This session we learnt about front crosses. We had a great time practising. Good workout for both the doggies and their handlers. I think we all slept very well last night

Rufus The Ring Bearer (see video)

Well done, Rufus. I’m so proud of you

Jacque – Paying More Attention To Me (see video)

Brought Jacque to Bishan Park to practise “Pay Attention To me” amidst mega distractions yesterday. She has this habit of running off and doing her own thing whenever she sees other dogs. But must say she’s a lot better now. My little personal guided missile

Foundation and Groundwork For Dog Agility Class (5th Jan 2013)

The class is now filled. Received a text from Jacque’s (Border Collie) mom last night to say that she’s signing her up for our Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility Class which starts 5th January 2013. Yay !!! This is going to be such a fun class