Things To Do With Your Dog

Bugle’s activity of the day … Going through the tunnel forward and backwards

Bugle 007 — see video

My latest activity w Mr Bugle … Walking forward and backwards on a dog walk . But hope he doesn’t do this if we enter an agility competition. Haha …

Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility – Week 3 (see video)

Week 3 of our Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility class. Here’s a video of our dogs having fun doing their pinwheel exercises.

bugle + cindy

Haha … someone googled us with the keywords “bugle + cindy”. I’m so pleased

Having Fun With Bugle (see Video)

Bought some eva mats and interlaced them in my living room so that Bugle cld practise jumps w a soft landing. Whee ….

Time to Dehydrate Beef Liver

Qn: How big is a cow’s liver ? Ans: About the size of Bugle !!!

Last day of 2012

Last night I turned off all the lights in my house and played a rousing game of Hide & Seek w my darling schnauzers – Stitch, Bugle & Drizabone. I hide & they found me each and every single time. I’m happy that their noses and night vision are working

Bugle the Weather Dog

Bugle the Weather (or shld I say weather-sensitive) Dog reports that we are currently experiencing a sudden drop in atmospheric pressure and it’s storming outside. Oh, yes … Hurricane Sunny just passed !!!