Group Obedience Class – Week 6

Week 6 and what strides the dogs & their families have made. I love the confidence they have putting their dogs in sits and downs and then just walking away. Many people have said that obedience training makes dogs lose their personalities. I think not. They are still mad but

Bugle’s K-9 Good Canine Citizen Test – 29th Nov 2014 Sentosa Tanjong Beach

The end of 8 weeks of hard work. The dogs were awesome yesterday. No barking, no pulling on the leash, polite to people and dogs they met for the first time … not being a nuisance in public places. A testament of how good they were ….. two persons who

Agility Class (6th July) Week 5

Despite the scorching heat yesterday, the dogs were still registering pretty good times. Looking good, teams

Puppy Training

After 3 weeks of puppy lessons, little Machia has learnt self control . Even when his parents leave his crate gates wide open, he’s not allowed to come out until they say it’s okay. Well done, mom and dad, for persevering with his training

Dances With Wolves Class

Our new doggy freestyle dance class “Dances With Wolves” starts 9th March 2014. Woo hoo !!!

Group Obedience (16th February) Week 1

Our new Group Obedience Class started yesterday and I must say the dogs in this class are stinking cute. Here they are going through their confidence building and bonding exercises. Really looking forward to spending my Sunday evenings with them .

“No Need To Move” Agility

Our new “No Need To Move” agility class. The only equipment you need to bring is your chair

Mochi – Lights Please (see video)

Today, Mochi learns how to turn on the lights. Another very useful trick …. haha …..

bugle + cindy

Haha … someone googled us with the keywords “bugle + cindy”. I’m so pleased