Group Obedience Class – Week 6

Week 6 and what strides the dogs & their families have made. I love the confidence they have putting their dogs in sits and downs and then just walking away. Many people have said that obedience training makes dogs lose their personalities. I think not. They are still mad but

The Test

After 8 weeks of hard training, yesterday was the day of reckoning …. Knees were shaking, da humans had to take toilet breaks, no one wanted to go first …. haha ….. but as u can see from this video, everyone passed with flying colours. Woo hoo !!!

F & G (20th April) – Week 6

Looking good, class . #schnauzer, #shih Tzu, #corgi, #Labrador retriever, #golden retriever

Dances With Wolves Class (Week 2)

We had such a lovely class this morning and the moms had a pretty good workout. Dog Yoga is so last year

Group Obedience (Week 5) – see video

I think the sun was turned on at full blast yesterday. Can die !!! So we worked in the shadows as much as possible. The good doggies learnt the Finish and Place commands. They were introduced to the e-collar and were following their owners nicely w leash dragging on the

Group Obedience (Week 4) – see video

This week, the doggies socialised with their classmates and their classmates’ parents. This was especially good for the shy dogs. They also did long sits and downs w major distractions. I’m so proud of them