Bugle’s K-9 Good Canine Citizen Test – 29th Nov 2014 Sentosa Tanjong Beach

The end of 8 weeks of hard work. The dogs were awesome yesterday. No barking, no pulling on the leash, polite to people and dogs they met for the first time … not being a nuisance in public places. A testament of how good they were ….. two persons who

JDS Class (Week 2)

We had another marvellous session yesterday. The teams are doing incredibly well. I’m so proud of all of them

SKC Discover Dog Novice Jumper Trials 2013

Our agility team of Jazz, Slippers & Taffy took part the SKC Discover Dog Novice Jumper Trials today. It was their first time taking part in a competition and they did me proud. Jazz was doing well except for some stops when people starting taking photos of her. A star

Jazz & Her Entourage – see video

Little Jazz was knackered after a couple of runs so her entourage came alongside side her to help her finish her course. Yes, at Bugle’s K-9 Training Skool, you’ll never run alone. Hehe …. Love my jump class

Group Obedience Class (7th July intake) – see video

It was a really hot day yesterday and the dogs were quite pooped by the end of the obedience segment of our training. But when it came to playtime, they were very much alive again . Sweet !!!

Group Obedience (7th July Intake) Week 1 – see video

A lovely day to start our new group basic obedience class. We covered reading dog body language and what’s good dog-dog play, sit, stand and pack walking. The dogs also had a bit of confidence building fun after the session. I can’t wait till next week

Jump Training Class – Week 1 (See Video)

A lovely day to start jump class. The weather was cool but the dogs were hot !!! Thanks to their groundwork foundation, they were paying better attention to their owners and learnt the new exercises really quickly. I was so proud of them