JDS Class (Week 5)

What perfect timing ! We had our last JDS session yesterday and next Saturday, our teams will be participating in the Jumper’s Competition at the PetExpo Event. To prepare for our trial, we had more challenging runs yesterday. It continued till it got dark and now we are also prepared

Video Of The Week (Slippers & Ween Sze’s Run)

Our video of the week is Ween Sze and Slipper’s run yesterday. They did a spectacular first run practising all the distance training moves they learnt the past 2 Saturdays. But a jump appeared out of nowhere and tripped them up. They re-did their run and it was a wow

JDS Class – Week 1

A group of beginner, intermediate and competition dogs wanted to continue with their agility lessons so we started a jumpers, distance & sequencing class (JDS) yesterday. We had so much fun. The handlers and the dogs were amazing !!!

Foundation Agility Class (12th Oct) – Week 3

Foundation Agility Class – Week 3. So happy to see the dogs paying more attention to their owners this week. More of them going off-leash too. Woohoo !!! Keep up the good work class

Jump Training Class (Week 6) – see video

Our 6-week jump training class ended on Saturday. I’ve put the video to music and I must say I love watching the teams move. These people can definitely dance . Next week we start jump sequencing class !!! Yay !!!

Jump Training Class – Week 1 (See Video)

A lovely day to start jump class. The weather was cool but the dogs were hot !!! Thanks to their groundwork foundation, they were paying better attention to their owners and learnt the new exercises really quickly. I was so proud of them

Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility Class (5th Jan 2013)

Happy to announce that we’ve got 7 sign-ups for our Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility which starts on 5th Jan 2013 . Nice mix of dog breeds – Jazz (Daschund), Slippers (Mini Schnauzer), Billy J (Mini Schnauzer), Taffy (Welsh Springer Spaniel), Buddy (English Cocker Spaniel), Sunny (Pug) & Rufus