Agility Class (6th July) Week 5

Despite the scorching heat yesterday, the dogs were still registering pretty good times. Looking good, teams

The Test

After 8 weeks of hard training, yesterday was the day of reckoning …. Knees were shaking, da humans had to take toilet breaks, no one wanted to go first …. haha ….. but as u can see from this video, everyone passed with flying colours. Woo hoo !!!

F & G (20th April) – Week 6

Looking good, class . #schnauzer, #shih Tzu, #corgi, #Labrador retriever, #golden retriever

“No Need To Move” Agility

Our new “No Need To Move” agility class. The only equipment you need to bring is your chair

Things To Do With Your Dog

Bugle’s activity of the day … Going through the tunnel forward and backwards

Foundation Agility Class (12th Oct) Week 2 – see video

Another good session last saturday. I love watching owners have fun w their dogs. And in the process … bonding … bonding … bonding

Foundation And Groundwork For Dog Agility (12th Oct) – Week 1

Our new Foundation & Groundwork For Dog Agility Class started yesterday. I think the dogs and their handlers did great

Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility (Week 5) – see video

Scrubs cldn’t join us this week ‘ços he was busy giving blood to save the life of a little Shih Tzu. Our hero . Jacque’s dad joined us this week and must say he’s a natural at agility

Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility (Draycott Week 4) – see video

This week the dogs learnt to negotiate a low dog walk. They were also introduced to the pivots exercise which is great for strengthening their back legs and increasing their rear end awareness. The dogs are also getting a bit better at following their handlers lead and the handlers are

Foundation & Groundwork (Draycott) – Week 3 (see video)

I was half an hour late ‘ços I was stuck in a traffic jam. Doggies arrived early and played till they were very tired but still soldiered on when class began. This week they learnt the rear cross. Pretty good I must say for a first time