New Group Obedience Class (11th October 2014)

Our next Group Basic Obedience Class will start on the 11th October 2014. Sign up if you want to spend 1 1/2 hrs bonding and having fun with your dog on Saturdays from 4.30 – 6 pm. Contact me for details … Tel: 96200280 or .

Group Obedience (16th February) Week 1

Our new Group Obedience Class started yesterday and I must say the dogs in this class are stinking cute. Here they are going through their confidence building and bonding exercises. Really looking forward to spending my Sunday evenings with them .

My New Newspaper Delivery Boy

Group Obedience Class (20th Oct)- Week 8

We did a mock Good Canine Citizen Test for our last lesson. See how well behaved the dogs are. People have told me that obedience makes a dog lose their personality. Watch the last few secs of this video and you will see that they have not lost any of

Group Obedience (20th Oct) – Week 3

It’s week 3 and I must say that the class is coming along nicely. I’m particularly impressed w the dogs being able to hold their long sits even when their handlers are running away from them . First lesson on heeling and look at them go. We shld form a

Group Obedience (7th July) Week 2 – see video

This week, the dogs were introduced to the heel, down and come commands. Many of the dogs hv done puppy class w me so it was more or less revision for them but w a lot of distractions.

Misty’s Go Home Lesson – see video

Misty went home yesterday and she was so delighted to see her family again. Here she is showing them the new and improved iMisty at the Botanics. Haha … She’s carrying on w her offleash obedience training so that she can do agility w Kirsten, the little girl who does

Misty – Mission Possible (see video)

Here are some things Misty’s mom wants addressed while she stays w me … • Social issues – barks when she sees other dogs, gets very excited and out of control. I’m thus very conscious when I take her out as I get so many dirty looks. Top of priority

Raffles The Beagle – Week 2 (see video)

Once upon a time, there was a little beagle pup named Raffles. He had impulse control management issues so his parents signed him up for obedience lessons. This is only week 2 of his training. Is he an awesome dog or what ?!!!

Group Obedience (Week 1) – See Video

Had our first group obedience lesson yesterday and the dogs and their handlers were awesome !!! Nice and friendly (the dogs) & super motivated (the handlers). What a marvellous combination !!!