Scrabby – Puppy Class

Scrabby is a 2 mth old Schnauzer/Papillon Cross. He may be the only one of his breed in Singapore ‘cos he was the only pup in the litter. Gorgeous looking fella. It would be nice to be able to see what he looks like when he’s an adult. He started

Group Obedience (Week 1) – See Video

Had our first group obedience lesson yesterday and the dogs and their handlers were awesome !!! Nice and friendly (the dogs) & super motivated (the handlers). What a marvellous combination !!!

Raffles The Beagle (Obedience Training – see video)

Today was Raffles’ first obedience lesson. He’s a 6 mth old super hyper puppy and one thing his mom wanted him to do was to sit and remain sitting even when there were distractions around him. He learnt how to do that pretty quickly and he’s now also able to

Mochi & Jett Practising Their “Beg” Trick

Jett does it quite well for a long bodied dog and Mochi does it with such pizzazz