Mochi Catwalk (see video)

Has Mochi got a future in modelling ? I think she does. Haha

Jacque – Paying More Attention To Me (see video)

Brought Jacque to Bishan Park to practise “Pay Attention To me” amidst mega distractions yesterday. She has this habit of running off and doing her own thing whenever she sees other dogs. But must say she’s a lot better now. My little personal guided missile

Chessy – Dog Reactive No More !!! (see video)

AVA requires all dogs of breeds listed in their Second Schedule to undergo obedience training. Chessy is a GSD/Husky mix and she falls in that category. When she arrived in S’pore, she was quarantined for 30 days. Her family said that she b ecame dog reactive after that. After undergoing