Group Obedience Class – Week 6

Week 6 and what strides the dogs & their families have made. I love the confidence they have putting their dogs in sits and downs and then just walking away. Many people have said that obedience training makes dogs lose their personalities. I think not. They are still mad but

Sunny the Pug wins 3rd Prize in Agility Competition :)

Congratulations Sunny & Irene for winning 3rd prize in today’s Petexpo Jumper’s Challenge. Small dog category. Awesomeness to the max

F & G (20th April) – Week 6

Looking good, class . #schnauzer, #shih Tzu, #corgi, #Labrador retriever, #golden retriever

Foundation Agility Class (12th Oct) Week 2 – see video

Another good session last saturday. I love watching owners have fun w their dogs. And in the process … bonding … bonding … bonding

Foundation And Groundwork For Dog Agility (12th Oct) – Week 1

Our new Foundation & Groundwork For Dog Agility Class started yesterday. I think the dogs and their handlers did great

SKC Discover Dog Novice Jumper Trials 2013

Our agility team of Jazz, Slippers & Taffy took part the SKC Discover Dog Novice Jumper Trials today. It was their first time taking part in a competition and they did me proud. Jazz was doing well except for some stops when people starting taking photos of her. A star

Hazy, Crazy Days (see Video)

The Bone Family were cooped up at home due to the haze so I got them to do some indoor activities. What fun !!!

Misty – Mission Possible (see video)

Here are some things Misty’s mom wants addressed while she stays w me … • Social issues – barks when she sees other dogs, gets very excited and out of control. I’m thus very conscious when I take her out as I get so many dirty looks. Top of priority

New Group Obedience Class Starting 7th July 2013 – See video

Our new Group Basic Obedience Class will start on the 7th July 2013. Sign up if you want to spend 1 1/2 hrs bonding and having fun with your dog on Sundays from 4.30 – 6 pm. Contact me for details … Tel: 96200280 or

F & G (Draycott) – Week 1 (see video)

Tootsie, Scrubs and Pepsi’s parents have decided to form a small Foundation & Groundwork For Dog Agility group so that they can join our jump class when it starts in June. Jacque’s also feeling much better now after her operation so she’s joining us too. What fun, I get to