Kolden – BootCamp

A day in the life of Kolden at Boot Camp. Yup, mostly structured play to tire his brains out. Then I can leave my house knowing that he’ll be resting till I come back

Kolden – “Look” Command

Here’s Kolden demonstrating the “Look” exercise progression. Not bad for a dog who’s hungry all the time

Mochi – Lights Please (see video)

Today, Mochi learns how to turn on the lights. Another very useful trick …. haha …..

PUGilistics (see video)

Sunny, the Pug, learning tricks during her stay with us.


Man Shoots Pet Dog In Park (see video)

Saw this man training his dog at Bishan Park this morning. The dog refused to come to him when called and the man shot his dog in cold blood. A reward will be given to anyone who has leads on the identity of this man. Today … a dobie …