Agility Class (6th July) Week 5

Despite the scorching heat yesterday, the dogs were still registering pretty good times. Looking good, teams

Bugle’s K-9 day out @ Sisters Island

School holidays. Someone suggested we go for an overseas trip with our doggies. So we chartered a ferry and spent a morning at Sister’s Island. I was so proud of our doggies. They didn’t bark or make a nuisance of themselves, didn’t dirty the ferry terminal or the boat. Angels

Jump Training Class (Week 6) – see video

Our 6-week jump training class ended on Saturday. I’ve put the video to music and I must say I love watching the teams move. These people can definitely dance . Next week we start jump sequencing class !!! Yay !!!

The Curious Case of Ms Monty (see video)

I wanted to see how Monty wld fare in a noisy & crowded environment so we went to the Botanics yesterday, w plenty of her little friends in tow. She did remarkably well. This was a dog, who just 2 months ago, was afraid of the sound of a rustling

Buddy Unleashed !!! (see video)

Buddy boarded with us for a 10-day off-leash obedience Boot Camp. Here he is showing his dad what a clever little dog he is and all that he’s learnt at Camp. It’s so nice to be able to go for walks with our dogs knowing that they’ll come back when