Group Obedience (11th Oct) – Week 1)

New class. New dogs. New people. The handlers’ assignment for today was to get their dogs motivated, focused and engaged w them for the duration of the class despite all the distractions going around them. I must say they did a pretty good job. Well done, class

Agility Class (6th July) Week 5

Despite the scorching heat yesterday, the dogs were still registering pretty good times. Looking good, teams

The Test

After 8 weeks of hard training, yesterday was the day of reckoning …. Knees were shaking, da humans had to take toilet breaks, no one wanted to go first …. haha ….. but as u can see from this video, everyone passed with flying colours. Woo hoo !!!


These puppies have passed Bugle’s ultimate puppy sit test. They have to sit long enough for someone to take a photo of them. Ya, and they have to smile and pose too !!! The families of these puppies have never managed to take a photo of them until they did

F & G (20th April) – Week 6

Looking good, class . #schnauzer, #shih Tzu, #corgi, #Labrador retriever, #golden retriever

Golden Retriever Basic Good Manners Class – Week 2

This week our training was at Labrador Park. Lots of onlookers entertained by 7 well behaved GRs and a sheltie doing obedience and having fun. Looking good, teams . Worthy ambassadors of your wonderful breed/s.

Group Obedience Class (20th Oct)- Week 8

We did a mock Good Canine Citizen Test for our last lesson. See how well behaved the dogs are. People have told me that obedience makes a dog lose their personality. Watch the last few secs of this video and you will see that they have not lost any of

Group Obedience Class (20th Oct 2013) – Week 6

Week 6 – We played the “leash in the pocket heeling” game. Must say all the teams put up pretty respectable performances. Charcoal won 1st prize w Kolden coming up a close 2nd. Good stuff, class

Kolden – BootCamp

A day in the life of Kolden at Boot Camp. Yup, mostly structured play to tire his brains out. Then I can leave my house knowing that he’ll be resting till I come back

Kolden – Obedience Training

A nice day for a walk around Lim Tai See. Kolden’s now able to go off-leash but I keep my e-collar on him for insurance. He’s pretty good except when a rubbish truck rolls by or when he hears noise from a nearby construction site. That’s when he gets nervous