Group Obedience Class – Week 3

The puppies are doing longer sits w lots of movement around them and also long downs with their owners a greater distance away from them. How’s that for impulse control ?

Group Obedience (11th Oct) – Week 1)

New class. New dogs. New people. The handlers’ assignment for today was to get their dogs motivated, focused and engaged w them for the duration of the class despite all the distractions going around them. I must say they did a pretty good job. Well done, class

Group Obedience (5th April) – Week 3

Week 3 of obedience class and the puppies are coming along nicely. Longer sits and this week we attempted a 5 min down. Good job, class

Group Obedience (5th April) – Week 1

4 out of 5 of the dogs in our new group obedience class are puppies. What fun !!! Yesterday, they got to socialise with other dogs and handled by families of their classmates. I’d say they are off to a very good start

Group Obedience (7th July) Week 6 – see video

Our class took to the streets yesterday and the dogs were so good. They didn’t drag their handlers around, bark or jump on passers-by and they behaved very well despite the heavy traffic going by. Well done, pups

Group Obedience Class – Week 2 (See video)

The weather on Sunday was lovely. The dogs and their handlers worked really hard learning new commands. They also got to play w the tunnel at the end of class, which the dogs simply loved !!!

New Group Basic Obedience Class Starting 31st March 2013

Our group obedience classes (new syllasbus) starts on 31st March 2013. They’ll be on every Sunday from 4.30 to 6 pm. Held in a very nice fenced up field so your dogs will be able to play and socialize with other dogs off-leash before and after class. You can check