Group Obedience Class (16th Aug 2015) – Week 1

First lesson of a new class. Brand new syllabus. Fun ! Fun ! Fun. It’s all about starting a new relationship betw handler & dog through the Retrieve, Recall & Walking n a Loose Leash exercises

Group Obedience Class – Week 6

Week 6 and what strides the dogs & their families have made. I love the confidence they have putting their dogs in sits and downs and then just walking away. Many people have said that obedience training makes dogs lose their personalities. I think not. They are still mad but

Group Obedience Class (20th Oct 2013) – Week 6

Week 6 – We played the “leash in the pocket heeling” game. Must say all the teams put up pretty respectable performances. Charcoal won 1st prize w Kolden coming up a close 2nd. Good stuff, class