Duke & The “Place” Command

This little parcel of sheer muscle has a very gregarious way of saying hello to house guests. So today, he learns the place command. His dad did a marvellous job of impersonating a guest at the door and Duke did well restraining himself in his place

Kolden – Obedience Training

A nice day for a walk around Lim Tai See. Kolden’s now able to go off-leash but I keep my e-collar on him for insurance. He’s pretty good except when a rubbish truck rolls by or when he hears noise from a nearby construction site. That’s when he gets nervous

Charcoal The Miniature Schnauzer

Charcoal’s first day of BootCamp. He’s leash reactive to dogs. His mom wants him to learn to be calm, walk nicely on the leash and not react when he sees other dogs and young children on their daily walks. He’s learning the “Place” command now and he’s been pretty good

Cosmo And The Place Command (see video)

I’m so impressed w Mr Cosmo. I’m told that he used to bark and attack the robot whenever it’s on. Here he is exercising restraint and staying very nicely on the mat. Amazing right ? Btw, that’s his mom’s voice in the video, not mine

Bruce Lee &The Circle Of Madness (see video)

Bruce Lee had his 2nd puppy lesson today. Went to a park nearby where he practised his long sit w major distractions. As much as he wanted to join his family in their crazy circle of fun game, he knew “Sit means Sit”. Well done, Bruce. His family were real

Scrabby – Puppy Class

Scrabby is a 2 mth old Schnauzer/Papillon Cross. He may be the only one of his breed in Singapore ‘cos he was the only pup in the litter. Gorgeous looking fella. It would be nice to be able to see what he looks like when he’s an adult. He started

The Curious Case of Ms Monty (see video)

I wanted to see how Monty wld fare in a noisy & crowded environment so we went to the Botanics yesterday, w plenty of her little friends in tow. She did remarkably well. This was a dog, who just 2 months ago, was afraid of the sound of a rustling

Cody – Food Aggressive No More (see video)

Cody had a food aggression problem. His mom said that if u took a step towards him while he’s eating, he wld growl, bark fiercely and if you came too close, he would bite. He’s stayed w me for 8 days now. Lots of obedience training, leadership and management exercises

Dude & Dad – Practising for SKC Pre-Novice Obedience Trial (see video)

Looking good Charles & Dude. Amazing improvement from our last session on Thurs. Make us proud on Saturday

Moose – The Little 9 mth old Dogue De Bordeaux (see video)

Moose, the little Dogue De Bordeaux, has come such a long way. He’s now able to follow his family with his leash dragging on the ground. He’s going back to Australia next week. I’m going to miss my Saturday evening training sessions w him & his family.