Buddy Unleashed !!! (see video)

Buddy boarded with us for a 10-day off-leash obedience Boot Camp. Here he is showing his dad what a clever little dog he is and all that he’s learnt at Camp. It’s so nice to be able to go for walks with our dogs knowing that they’ll come back when

Coka – The 3 mth old Mini Schnauzer w A Tail :) – see video

Coka’s 3rd and last lesson of puppy class. Here’s the first time he’s outside his home, walking on a leash, doing puppy obedience and bonding w his dad  

Well done Jacob ! (see video)

Jacob has a history of excessive barking & dragging his mom around. I was feeling quite nervous behind the camera ‘cos I think he would hv hurt me if his mom lost her grip of the leash. Well, it was clear that he was losing it ‘cos he was nervous.