Reeve – Good Dog Gone Bad, Now Bad Dog Gone Good !!! (see video)

Day 2 – We went to visit the Collie, his neighbourhood nemesis and Reeve did great. No barking, no lungeing. The Collie cld even stick his face out of the gate & all Reeve did was to say hello. We went looking for trouble at Bishan Park and… Reeve was


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Reeve – A dog named after Christopher Reeve (Superman) – see video

When dogs feel threatened or stresses, they do 1 of 2 things – run away or fight. Unfortunately for Reeve, he does the latter. He’s great w people but when he sees another dog his andrenaline goes off the charts and he loses it. He’ll bark, pull the leash hard and

Well done Jacob ! (see video)

Jacob has a history of excessive barking & dragging his mom around. I was feeling quite nervous behind the camera ‘cos I think he would hv hurt me if his mom lost her grip of the leash. Well, it was clear that he was losing it ‘cos he was nervous.