Group Obedience Class – Week 3

The puppies are doing longer sits w lots of movement around them and also long downs with their owners a greater distance away from them. How’s that for impulse control ?

SKC 51st – 54th Jumpers Trial

Our agility team did us proud yet again. It was a long and very very hot day but they stayed the course and won many prizes. 1. Duchess – Toy Novice 2 1st Placings & a Q 2. Sunny – Toy Novice 1 2nd Placing 3. Slippers – Mini Novice

Sunny The Pug Learns To Swim – see video

Sunny went swimming for the very first time yesterday. She did very well

Jump Training Class (Week 6) – see video

Our 6-week jump training class ended on Saturday. I’ve put the video to music and I must say I love watching the teams move. These people can definitely dance . Next week we start jump sequencing class !!! Yay !!!

Jump Training Class (Week 2) – see video

What a treat we had after jump class yesterday. Tootsie and Scrubs celebrated their birthdays w us and we all got to eat cake . Thanks Toots, Scrubs, Deirdre & Leslie. All the doggies had the sweetest dreams last night.

Jump Training Class – Week 1 (See Video)

A lovely day to start jump class. The weather was cool but the dogs were hot !!! Thanks to their groundwork foundation, they were paying better attention to their owners and learnt the new exercises really quickly. I was so proud of them