Puppy Training

After 3 weeks of puppy lessons, little Machia has learnt self control . Even when his parents leave his crate gates wide open, he’s not allowed to come out until they say it’s okay. Well done, mom and dad, for persevering with his training

Bruce Lee &The Circle Of Madness (see video)

Bruce Lee had his 2nd puppy lesson today. Went to a park nearby where he practised his long sit w major distractions. As much as he wanted to join his family in their crazy circle of fun game, he knew “Sit means Sit”. Well done, Bruce. His family were real

Bruce The Boxer

Meet Bruce, surname Lee. Yup, I may be the only dog trainer in the world who can say that she’s trained Bruce Lee. Haha …

Simba The Chowdoodle

Meet Simba the Chowdoodle puppy. He reminds me of a MerryThought bear I had

Coka – The 3 mth old Mini Schnauzer w A Tail :) – see video

Coka’s 3rd and last lesson of puppy class. Here’s the first time he’s outside his home, walking on a leash, doing puppy obedience and bonding w his dad