Puppy Training

After 3 weeks of puppy lessons, little Machia has learnt self control . Even when his parents leave his crate gates wide open, he’s not allowed to come out until they say it’s okay. Well done, mom and dad, for persevering with his training

Puppy Training – see video

Minnie loves coming out of her cage to go for walks. But she has to calm down first before she’s allowed out. Fifth day of training and now I don’t hv to say a thing. She’s figured out that if she doesn’t sit and wait to be invited out, she

Bruce The Boxer

Meet Bruce, surname Lee. Yup, I may be the only dog trainer in the world who can say that she’s trained Bruce Lee. Haha …

Scrabby – Puppy Class

Scrabby is a 2 mth old Schnauzer/Papillon Cross. He may be the only one of his breed in Singapore ‘cos he was the only pup in the litter. Gorgeous looking fella. It would be nice to be able to see what he looks like when he’s an adult. He started

Mochi Catwalk (see video)

Has Mochi got a future in modelling ? I think she does. Haha

Tin Tin – a 3 mth old Yorkie/Maltese Cross

“I just graduated from Puppy Class, I did.”

Escaped Lion !!!

Look what climbed into my car today. Yes, a lion cub escaped from the Singapore Zoo. Haha ….

Charlie – Confidence Building Exercises (See Video)

Day 2 of Charlie’s Puppy Perfect Start class. He practised long sits and was introduced to the tunnel and jumps. He was a little wary of the tunnel but quite a natural at the jumps

Bagel – Paper Training

Bagel sleeps in a crate on the floor of my bedroom while she’s boarding with me. When I woke up this morning I saw that she had pee-ed and poo-ed on the newspapers in my bathroom during the night. She must hv noticed my dogs doing peeing and pooing on

Coka – The 3 mth old Mini Schnauzer w A Tail :) – see video

Coka’s 3rd and last lesson of puppy class. Here’s the first time he’s outside his home, walking on a leash, doing puppy obedience and bonding w his dad