The Test

After 8 weeks of hard training, yesterday was the day of reckoning …. Knees were shaking, da humans had to take toilet breaks, no one wanted to go first …. haha ….. but as u can see from this video, everyone passed with flying colours. Woo hoo !!!

Bugle’s K-9 day out @ Sisters Island

School holidays. Someone suggested we go for an overseas trip with our doggies. So we chartered a ferry and spent a morning at Sister’s Island. I was so proud of our doggies. They didn’t bark or make a nuisance of themselves, didn’t dirty the ferry terminal or the boat. Angels

F & G (20th April) – Week 6

Looking good, class . #schnauzer, #shih Tzu, #corgi, #Labrador retriever, #golden retriever

Cosmo and Happy Go A-Weavin @ Bugle’s K-9 Resort

Cosmo and Happy have been staying with me for the past 4 days and they’ve been learning to weave. Amazing that they are able to do it in only 4 days. Woo hoo !!! The music in the back ground shld hv been “It’s been a hard day’s night and

JDS Class (Week 2)

We had another marvellous session yesterday. The teams are doing incredibly well. I’m so proud of all of them

Video Of The Week (Slippers & Ween Sze’s Run)

Our video of the week is Ween Sze and Slipper’s run yesterday. They did a spectacular first run practising all the distance training moves they learnt the past 2 Saturdays. But a jump appeared out of nowhere and tripped them up. They re-did their run and it was a wow

JDS Class – Week 1

A group of beginner, intermediate and competition dogs wanted to continue with their agility lessons so we started a jumpers, distance & sequencing class (JDS) yesterday. We had so much fun. The handlers and the dogs were amazing !!!

Group Obedience Class (20th Oct)- Week 8

We did a mock Good Canine Citizen Test for our last lesson. See how well behaved the dogs are. People have told me that obedience makes a dog lose their personality. Watch the last few secs of this video and you will see that they have not lost any of

Things To Do With Your Dog

Bugle’s activity of the day … Going through the tunnel forward and backwards

Foundation Agility Class (12th Oct) – Week 3

Foundation Agility Class – Week 3. So happy to see the dogs paying more attention to their owners this week. More of them going off-leash too. Woohoo !!! Keep up the good work class