Group Obedience Class (16th Aug 2015) – Week 1

First lesson of a new class. Brand new syllabus. Fun ! Fun ! Fun. It’s all about starting a new relationship betw handler & dog through the Retrieve, Recall & Walking n a Loose Leash exercises

Bugle’s K-9 day out @ Sisters Island

School holidays. Someone suggested we go for an overseas trip with our doggies. So we chartered a ferry and spent a morning at Sister’s Island. I was so proud of our doggies. They didn’t bark or make a nuisance of themselves, didn’t dirty the ferry terminal or the boat. Angels

New Group Obedience Class Starting 5th July 2014

Our next Group Basic Obedience Class will start on the 5th July 2014. Sign up if you want to spend 1 1/2 hrs bonding and having fun with your dog on Saturdays from 4.30 – 6 pm. Contact me for details … Tel: 96200280 or .

Group Obedience (5th April) – Week 3

Week 3 of obedience class and the puppies are coming along nicely. Longer sits and this week we attempted a 5 min down. Good job, class

Group Obedience (5th April) – Week 1

4 out of 5 of the dogs in our new group obedience class are puppies. What fun !!! Yesterday, they got to socialise with other dogs and handled by families of their classmates. I’d say they are off to a very good start