SKC Agility Trail Winners

So proud of Chris & Taffy, Ween Sze, Duchess & Slippers. They took part in today’s SKC jumper’s competition and brought home a total haul of 1 1st place, 3 2nd places & 3 3rd places. Go team !!!

JDS Class – Week 1

A group of beginner, intermediate and competition dogs wanted to continue with their agility lessons so we started a jumpers, distance & sequencing class (JDS) yesterday. We had so much fun. The handlers and the dogs were amazing !!!

Foundation Agility Class (12th Oct) Week 2 – see video

Another good session last saturday. I love watching owners have fun w their dogs. And in the process … bonding … bonding … bonding

Foundation & Groundwork For Dog Agility – Week 8 (see video)

It was a hot hot day yesterday but we had a blast. The teams did so well despite the punishing heat. The dogs were really attentive to their owners and despite all the dogs being in the same arena, the dogs chose to pay attn to their handlers instead of

Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility – Week 6 (see video)

Today we did some target practise and the dogs were also introduced to the chute. Spent lots of time practising our front and rear crosses too. I think this week it was the handlers who were concussed. No text messages or photos from anyone last night. Haha ….