“We adopted a retired police K-9 Labrador, Golden, in June this year. Although he has a good temperament, he goes ‘crazy’ at the sight of cats and balls. A friend recommended Cindy and we decided to sign up for her Obedience Course. The transformation was amazing. We have bonded with Golden and now he listens to our commands and behaves himself on walks. We are in much better control of him – even in the presence of cats and balls. Thank you, Cindy!!”.

-Sue & Golden (Labrador Retriever) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

“Thoroughly enjoyed working with Cindy and the entire Bugle’s K-9 Training Skool.
Our lab, Bailey was just four months old when we asked Cindy to meet her for a private lesson. Cindy gave us outstanding, never-fail-to-work tips to reduce Bailey’s separation anxiety, stop barking and come when called. Based on that experience, we enrolled Bailey in the 8-week obedience training class.
Cindy brought in a variety of equipment, tricks and tips to help everyone in the class learn by understanding dog psychology and learning by doing. We still have and use the weekly homework sheets Cindy gave us to keep improving Bailey’s training. Finally, we walked away having learned a lot and having made many new friends!”.

-Anni & Krish & Bailey (Labrador Retriever) – Puppy Class & Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

“Rusty came to us in the form of a frisky golden retriever puppy at 6 months. By 8 months, we were having a tough time controlling him. His antics included jumping at both grown ups and children, jumping up to steal food at the dining table (embarrassing when we had guests over), tugging and pulling at the leash when walking. While we love spending time playing with him – we didn’t particularly like the play marks and bruising we ended up having from his rough play. We were also worried that he would start to assert his dominance around the household. So the obedience class was the best thing that we had done for ourselves.

Cindy, his trainer is passionate about training dogs and we appreciate the firm, no-nonsense approach – balanced in a fun way with different activities each week. The dogs also benefitted from having the chance to socialise with the other dogs. We also enjoyed the company of other dog owners whom I saw becoming increasing competent each weak in handling their dogs. We would highly recommend Cindy to anyone thinking of having their dogs trained”.

-Mani & Prudence & Rusty (Golden Retriever) – Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2015

“I never thought Yumy would be able to do agility. She has been an extremely fearful puppy from day one and was practically scared of all objects from plastic bags to boxes to benches to cables as well as all sort of sounds (as greedy a dog as she is, she was even terrified of her own food bowl, and had to be hand fed the first week she spent with us). I decided to let her try agility anyway since Sunny does it and we would be spending lots of time at trials so it would be great if Yumy could take part too. We signed up for Bugle’s K9′s Foundation course, followed by the Jumpers course and after that the Agility course. Sunny had gone through the same classes and under Cindy’s guidance, we achieved great results with Sunny. It was definitely not an easy task to get Yumy to do the agility equipment. When her class mates would clear the tunnel in one or two tries, she simply refused to even go near it. I felt kind of helpless then but Cindy knew exactly what to do and told me ‘she just needs to learn that nothing terrible will happen by going through the tunnel’ and forced her in the tunnel with the leash and we gave her lots of praise and treats afterwards. Of course we needed to do this about 20 times before she was willing to go thru the tunnel by herself. And every tunnel that was in a different colour or length was a completely new object to her and we had to repeat the process. It was pretty much the same with every single equipment, but the worst was definitely the chute. While most dogs could do it in five tries, we probably had to do it 50 to 100 times (I’m really not exaggerating) before she was willing to go through it herself. Even now, she would go into the chute, hesitate 5 seconds before going thru the rest of the chute. Cindy was really amazing and did not just help Yumy overcome her fear of the agility equipment but also got her to start liking them. Yumy likes to spin around when she’s happy and excited. Nowadays when I take out the weaves, she starts spinning around in anticipation for the fun. In the last agility lesson several weeks ago, she kept going through the tunnel so many times that i had to ask her to stop. She also managed to clear all agility equipment without help during the practice run in the last lesson (even the chute!). We have also taken part in a few SKC jumper trials and she managed to finish the course and even got a couple of Qs. I still find it a miracle that she is able to do all the agility equipment given her fear of any new objects still.

What I have learnt through Yumy’s agility journey is that with a great and dedicated trainer like Cindy coupled with determination, anything is possible :) ”.

-Irene & Yumy (Pug) – Agility (On-leash) Training Class 2016

I first approached Cindy to help with my Mini Schnauzer, Misty, as I was unable to stop her tugging on the leash during walks and barking incessantly at anything with 2 wheels. She was then a couple of about 6 months old. Cindy wanted to use the prong collar which I was horrified by so I declined and decided to try another trainer.

3 failed trainers and many months later, I still had an errant 1-yr old Misty. A thought came to mind to give Cindy (and possibly the horrifying looking prong collar) another try as I was most comfortable with how Cindy interacted with me and Misty initially, it was just the collar that was holding me back.

So off to Cindy I went again and this time it was direct to Bootcamp with a prong and e-collar no less! Misty went off for 10 days and I received updates via What’s App messages and videos and was great to see Misty doing well. So post Bootcamp, I had a new dog, wow with an incredible change. Cindy talked me through what I was doing wrong, how to use the collars and the paradigm shift needed.

I carried on with regular group classes with Cindy in obedience and agility as I needed to keep learning and socializing Misty, it’s been 3 years and Cindy is a constant source of information, help, and boarding Misty when needed. Cindy would go out of her way to pick my daughter up so they can hang out when she’s training/boarding Misty, which I’m so grateful for. I’ve also gotten to know some lovely like-minded folks from Cindy’s training groups and it’s good fun!

I’m getting a 2nd dog and Cindy’s been with me all the way from looking at the breed, to the lineage, to listening to my gossip about the drama with the purchase and her commitment to help me ensure that the 2 dogs get along well when they first meet. So puppy will immediately go to obedience class with Cindy in Feb, there’s no other trainer and friend I’d rather have my dogs be with.

I’m so glad I listened to my sixth sense and gave Cindy that 2nd call 3 years ago and I’m so appreciative of all that she’s done for me, my family and Misty, she’s a godsend.

-Valerie & Misty (Miniature Schnauzer) – General Dog Training 2016

When we approached Cindy for obedience training, we were already at our wits’ end with Murphy, our Golden Doodle. He was a fast-growing pup and pulling hard at his leash. We started to dread walking him as it meant him lunging uncontrollably at other dogs, barking and pulling us everywhere. Neighbours would cross the road when they saw us from a distance. After starting group obedience and doing homework religiously, we started to see a noticeable change over the weeks. Murphy was a lot calmer and obedient both outside and at home. Even our neighbours saw his improvement. Most of all, because we started to understand him, our relationship with him grew even closer. We’re so thankful to Cindy for teaching us to understand Murphy better, and for helping him to blossom into such an obedient, loving and well-behaved dog. Yesterday, he passed his Good Canine Citizen exam. We’re so proud of him and we know we’d have never come this far if wasn’t for Cindy. Thank you.

-Susan & Murphy (GoldenDoodle) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

Baxter arrived from Sydney fearful, anxious and nervous especially around bigger dogs. A few days with Cindy and he was like a different dog. We continued with her training at group classes and we can honestly say that despite working hard it was so much fun. Baxter loved every week and so did we. The classes were fun but informative and helped us bond better with Baxter as we understood more about his needs and how to handle puppy madness. Outside the classes Cindy is so supportive and always ready to help and encourage with any issues. Her passion for what she does is amazing and you can tell she loves every dog and wants the best for them all. She is so knowledgeable and very approachable – which is so important for anxious puppy parents! Baxter is now super confident, happy and we’re making so much progress with his obedience. I don’t know what we would do without Cindy! And as we plan to grow our fur family we will 100% be signing up for more classes with Cindy! Also a huge thanks to Bee Lian for some of our most favourite pictures of Baxter!

-Lydia & Baxter (Pug) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

Having been through 2 other dog trainers with Cookie before this, I was beginning to lose confidence and was often stressed out with handling her. I truly appreciate how you often went above and beyond just the weekly classes to provide effective doggy advice. Your training methods not only brought about a calmer, more obedient dog but also helped us to establish a much closer bond with her. The kids are now more confident in handling her when she has her moments of madness. Most of all, your passion and dedication is so evident in the way you interact with our dogs and know each and every one of them as if they were your own! Each time I watch the videos Bee Lian took during lessons, Cookie would surely come wagging her tail whenever she hears your voice. She simply adores you Cindy, so Thank you!

-Jacinta & Cookie (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

Thank you Cindy and Bee Lian for the efforts you put in for the last 8 weeks. I am very happy that Nimbus has become a Good Canine Citizen and to be frank we were more than surprised that he could understand and obey the commands. From where we started to now, there is a definite dramatic improvement in terms of obedience, walking with loose leash, calmness and overall maturity. Handling 3 schnauzers, you are the best when it comes to understanding a schnauzer’s temperaments and had given lot of good tips and all these advices are really working well with Nimbus. Thank you so much.

-Kalpana & Nimbus (Miniature Schnauzer) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

Cindy’s obedience classes are a must-have for all dog owners who have never gone through such classes before. This is regardless if you are a first time dog owner or like myself, who grew up with dogs all my life.
Her lessons are life-changing, for both canine and owner alike. For a start, she is extremely helpful, knowledgable and will not hesitate to address any existing concerns; even before the first class starts. She goes out of her way to provide beyond what’s included within the course. Everything she does is for the welfare of the dog and helps to set the owner’s mind at ease.
Cindy is able to translate ‘dog language’ such that each individual owner is able to better understand his/her dog. She has taught us how to read body language, how dogs ‘understand (or rather don’t understand)’ English and thus, how should we use basic words and hand signals to communicate better. She has proven that a clicker (mine is still lying in its box) isn’t necessary at all!
The lessons conducted were never boring. We took away new learnings, tricks and a variety of equipments and treats were readily on hand to customize to each individual dog’s temperament and needs.
Max and I’ve done two courses with Cindy and am going for a third as the time spent have not only helped built a strong understanding between owner and dog, but also allowed the dog to grow in terms of skill sets and increase mental stimulation. Thank you, Cindy!.

-Eliza & Max (Labrador Retriever) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

Hello Cindy, thank you so much for the lessons. You truly have a knack for relating canine behaviors in human terms so that we understand manzo better. We had signed up for other canine schools before where dominance reinforcement and being an alpha were a huge part of getting your dog in check and control. Coming to Bugle-K9, we were surprised to find your coaching methods to be 100% positive.
You have helped us get a better grasp on how to handle manzo by coupling it together with fun, which is what training a dog should be. You have also helped us to overcome some of his fears so thank you for the wonderful positive experience! Not forgetting all the effort in helping us create memories with the weekly photos and videos, taken by bee lian + you.
Last but not least, manzo passing the good canine citizen would not have been made possible without your help. Thank you.

-Andrew & Manzo (Pug) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

Thanks Cindy for helping Snoopy become a Good Canine Citizen, and Bee Lian for the great pictures. He really needed some help to get there.
Also appreciate the many tips and advice you have given us on how to build a balanced and trusting relationship with our Beagle. He really has matured since the first day of class, though still has some way to go. We will need to make sure we practise with him, but still not sure how to keep him from getting distracted by the wonderful sand and sea and dogs running freely around him! We look forward to the CSI course where he can put his keen sense of smell to good use!

-Jaclyn & Snoopy (Beagle) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

Hi Cindy! It was a pleasure to have joined the obedience class that you conducted! We look forward to every saturday’s class because theres always something new to learn from basic obedience to going thru obstacles! Since Jayjay’s puppy class days, you have given us so many useful tips, especially needy as I am a first time furkid owner. We will definitely continue practising what was taught until Jayjay is able to go offleash(without growling at other furkids) one day!
Jayjay: “GRADUATE LO! Thankew Cindy! I love the mortar board on my head! woooof!”
Thanks bee lian for the pretty photos every week!

-Hui Jun & Jay Jay (Shih Tzu/Schnauzer Cross) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

I’m so proud of my Goldie, Ellie, who graduated from Cindy’s obedience class today as a good Canine Citizen. I was having problems walking Ellie and decided that she and I needed some obedience skills and I’m so glad I found Cindy’s school as she makes classes fun, and has a lot of sensible advice and tips (for eg. my arms thank you for introducing the prong collar to me!). You have homework to do after each class but I don’t mind as it makes both me a happier “pawrent” and Ellie a happier doggy. I also got to meet lots of dedicated and fun dog owners and their pets in this class and now some of us are moving on to Cindy’s other classes with great anticipation. We also get lots of lovely photos of our fur kids after each class thanks to the tireless Bee Lian. Keep up the great work, Cindy & Bee!

-Michele & Ellie (Golden Retriever) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

Hey Cindy, just want to share that I really enjoyed all of Ghosty’s classes with you, from the 4 puppy classes we had, to the obedience course we just finished. It’s been a great learning journey and I always enjoy consulting you on all dog-related matters as you are very experienced and confident. You are loving yet firm with the dogs and I like it because I agree that well-trained dogs are safer dogs. I was impressed when you noticed that Ghost was a little different from when you met him as a puppy, and got me to realise how that happened. Through your classes, I now have better control of him (although not absolute control yet haha!), and he is also significantly less reactive to other dogs, which is really great! We are definitely looking forward to more fun classes together!

-Grace & Ghost (Siberian Husky) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

My husband and I got Hazel the cheeky Shetland sheepdog last year, and decided to enrol Hazel in Cindy’s obedience class for 8 weeks thanks to a friend’s recommendation. I had a few dogs before Hazel but we didn’t go for any obedience classes then. Both my husband and I agreed that obedience training is important especially in densely-populated Singapore where most public spaces are sparse and limited. We were pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the weekly lessons, as the lessons not only made Hazel more obedient, but also helped us to understand each other more, and to strengthen our relationship with Hazel. It was also fun for Hazel, as she looked really excited to go for her weekly class despite her fear of car rides.
Cindy’s methods were good, and proved effective. We could definitely see the difference just halfway through the course, aided by the home works given after each lesson to practice at home. Here’s Hazel with her lovely mortar board made by her teacher Cindy, and she’s now a Good Canine Citizen. Thanks Cindy for the wonderful classes and Bee Lian for the lovely photos and videos taken every lesson.

-Elizabeth & HAZEL (Shetland Collie) – Group Obedience (On-leash) Training Class 2016

Marco suffered a mangled front paw as a stray puppy before he even reached 2 months of age. The trauma caused him to be nervous and timid as a puppy, but these gradually turned into distrust and aggression as he matured into an adult dog, despite love and my best efforts at training him on my own. His difficult past, coupled with my inexperience in bringing up a rescued dog, resulted in an adverse event that brought Cindy, Marco and I together.
Wonderful Cindy, through her patience and professionalism, trained me to train Marco. She helped me understand my dog and his specific needs. She showed me the amazing potential Marco has in him – that he is trainable, smart, obedient, calm, and even sociable. Marco enjoyed every training session, and has made wonderful progress to date. I have become a lot more confident handling, walking, and living with Marco. Indeed, Cindy helped transform Marco’s life, and as a result, mine too.

-May & MARCO (Mixed Breed) – AVA Obedience Training Class 2015

I’ve really enjoyed training with Cindy. She’s patient, clear, firm and, most importantly, fun. Its been such a positive experience- very different from my previous experiences with dog trainers. My dog is actually happy to see Cindy and excited to practice what he’s learning. Training is fun for him (and me) and not a punishment. It has brought my puppy and I closer and he is a much nicer dog to walk. I highly recommend training with Cindy.

-Barbara & INCHANGA (Rhodesian Ridgeback) – AVA Obedience Training Class 2015

Yumy was a nervous wreck when we first got her. Having been traumatized during the flight to Singapore, she was sensitive to and scared of all sorts of sounds and movements of objects. It took nearly a week before she stopped staying on the sofa all the time or hide in the crate as she was scared of the laminated floor and the things in the flat. She was quite impossible outdoors, kept pulling and was so scared of everything from cars, motorbikes, pillars, benches, big plastic bags, tables, chairs, basically any object that was new to her. She was also a bit weary of other dogs, especially the big ones and scared of dogs barking. When we brought her to the park, she would just climb on top of the nearest human. There was no play and no curiosity of smells or other dogs around which is quite unusual for a puppy. She was also extremely sensitive to sounds and freaks out easily at any type of sounds she’s not familiar with. She is not our first dog and we honestly were wondering whether she could have a normal life considering how scared she was of everything. When we signed up for the Bugle’s k-9 obedience class, I had serious doubts of whether she would be able to go through it successfully considering how traumatised she was. I seriously couldn’t imagine her being able to do the long downs and sits next to big dogs and with movement around her etc. But under Cindy’s guidance and dedicated training, we improved bit by bit every week and I noticed how Yumy started to freak out less and trust me more. Cindy doesn’t just teach you the techniques of how to control your dog but also how to bond and build trust with your furry companion which is very important for a healthy and stable relationship with your dog. Today, Yumy is a good canine citizen, she jogs with me, she has no problems walking off-leash and she has even enrolled for the Bugle’s k-9 agility foundation course which I never thought would be possible four months ago. Cindy, we can’t express enough gratitude for your help and training with Yumy. We really appreciate all that you have done and wouldn’t be here today without your effort and guidance.

-Irene & YUMY (Pug) – Group Obedience Class 2015

Fluffy and I enjoyed the 8 weeks classes. This class has given me and Fluffy the opportunity to have fun and time to bond. The lessons have transformed Fluffy from a terrified mini bunny into a confident and happy mini Malti-Poo dog. A strong relationship was established that gave Fluffy the ability to obey my command… A relationship built on trust & loyalty.

Appreciate Cindy’s teaching – firm yet loving. Her magic hands & voice that tame large, medium, small & mini dogs in a split second. Thank you so much for creating such a memorable time for us. Thank you Ang Bee Lian for the lovely, beautiful photos that you’ve taken for us, that become a part of the story of our life that will be remembered.

-Lanny & FLUFFY (Maltipoo) – Group Obedience Class 2015

Being a first time pet owner myself, Cindy is like a walking encyclopedia who is always willing to share her experiences and knowledge. She has the passion and a genuine love of dogs which shows evidently in and out of classes. Hugo is always looking forward to attending his ‘obedience classes’ as he gets to learn new commands, socialise with his furry friends and also engage in some fun time around the ‘obstacles course’. Cindy made every session different and fun for doggies and owners alike!
After attending obedience classes with Cindy, Hugo is able to walk better on leash… Listen to commands and is overall a happier and better furkid! I am proud to say, “Hugo is a certified ‘Good Canine Citizen’ now!

Hugo says, “Thank you, Aunty Cindy!”

And not forgetting to thank Bee Lian for capturing each and every amazing moment/memories and turning them into beautiful pictures.

-Ryann & HUGO (Miniature Dachshund) – Group Obedience Class 2015

Classes with Cindy were just the right amount of fun and discipline. Through the 8 weeks, we learnt to understand our 1 year-old Chihuahua better and to use a combination of correction vs reward for basic obedience.
One of the most important lessons we took is keeping your pet’s attention and focus. Because over time, you’d want your voice to be the leash and your pet to obey a command because you’ve developed a relationship. One that based on (1) Trust – that you will protect it bigger dogs and bad people (2) Dependence – because you feed it and (3) Obedience – through timely and consistent correction. The third is the hardest to master and we are still working on it!
Cindy is an amazing trainer – firm and compassionate, very clear in her rationale for each
exercise and organized – with homework sheets and a video made of the class each week. With a class size of 10, she made an effort to observe each dog and was able to give very specific advise to owners. Not to mention that magic touch – seeing our dogs behave for the first time when the leash was in her hands! We were a bunch of ultra kiasu “parents”, but Cindy never minded us showing up early and refusing to leave after class.
From us and Wawa – a big THANK YOU to you, Cindy; and Bee Lian for the weekly photo/videography. This class has our highest recommendation and Wawa will miss her lessons!

-Wendy, Jess & WAWA (Chihuahua) – Group Obedience Class 2015

After two months’ training and fun, Jacob finally passed the test !

Bugle’s K-9 Training Skool, Jacob is a good testimonial of the obedience training. From day 1 all over the place to being able to be in the down position for minutes. On top of that, we had a lot of fun and with pictures as wonderful memories. Thank you Cindy for the awesome work and the love for the dogs !

-Peter & JACOB (Miniature Schnauzer) – Group Obedience Class 2015

Bravo Rottweiler is a Rottweiler puppy with crocodile teeth. I sent him for a 10day Boot Camp with Bugle’s K-9 Training Skool. At the end of the boot camp he is a very well behaved dog.
Upon signing up for the basic obedience training, I do not know what to expect or how will I benefit from the training? After a few lessons, I realised that Bravo & I have a stronger human-dog relationship. The training reinforced my role as a leader. It also creates a solid foundation for Bravo. Having a trained dog makes outings with them a relaxed and enjoyable one..

-Lolita & BRAVO (Rottweiler) – Group Obedience Class 2015

Elsa (our Golden Retriever) was our first dog and we had no experience in training her except learning from youtube videos. It was not as easy as we thought, hence we decided to let Elsa go through proper training. There were many trainers around and they had different methods of training dogs. In the end, we decided to go to Cindy and we had no regrets.

Elsa is a very playful and dominant dog and we learnt how to control her through Cindy’s teaching. Cindy is very passionate of her job and she has done beyond what we expect a normal trainer will do. Elsa used to mouth a lot and we would get teeth marks all over our hands. Cindy taught us the method of subduing her and there was a lot of improvement in Elsa ever since. On top of that, she also gave us many tips on caring for Elsa. Cindy is like our walking dictionary and we really appreciate her efforts.

-James, Betty, Celine & ELSA (Golden Retriever) – Group Obedience Class 2014

My dog, Dragon, was a very fearful puppy, right from the time I brought him home.

He was very obedient from the start, however as time went by, I realized he was listening to me out of fear more than anything else, rather than respect or more importantly, trust. Taking him out on walks became a burden too. Dragon was always scared and pulling on the leash to run away from something or jumping up to be carried.

After a month or two, a friend of mine recommended Cindy’s basic obedience class, saying it was beneficial to have Dragon properly trained and it would be a good opportunity to spend quality time with him. It was music to my ears.

Through the course of attending classes with Dragon, I’ve learnt how to communicate with him better and manage him properly, both outdoors on walks and at home. Most importantly, with Cindy’s help and guidance, Dragon and I have formed a bond that goes beyond words – from a puppy that was afraid to come when called, to my best buddy who is ever eager to come running to me.

I must say that Cindy definitely knows her stuff and as I’ve observed over the past 8 weeks, she pretty much had the answer for any trouble which our classmates or myself were with our dogs. She is very passionate and exhibits a great deal of care and concern, even in a personal capacity, which I totally did not expect from a ‘class teacher’. She definitely is not your run-of-the-mill dog trainer and I would recommend her to anyone who may be having doggy issues.

Thank you for everything Cindy. You’ve helped us more than you can imagine and brought out a much happier dog in Dragon, which is more than I could ever ask for.

With thanks and appreciation,

-Aaron & DRAGON (Golden Retriever) – Group Obedience Class 2014

It all started when I first got my puppy, Buddy, and had quite a lot of stress while trying to toilet train him…almost to the point of giving up. Then I discovered the Bugle’s K-9 website, and Cindy, and with her mix of encouragement and a healthy dose of reality, I was motivated to give it another go…I will always remember her words: “I’m afraid having a dog is hard work and a lot of sacrifice. But what you get back from them is immeasurable.” I found this to be true – now I have no regrets, only moments of fun, pleasure and joy (and to keep it real, some (not much!) annoyance and irritation as well!) with my beloved doggie.

I decided on boot camp to deal with some of the issues I had with Buddy, and so when the time came around, Buddy became her companion for ten days, and was trained in a host of things. At the end of it all, certain issues like his whining and barking when left alone, toilet training, and jumping up on people, were resolved, and he learnt some obedience commands as well, like “Let’s go” in which he has to walk by his owner’s left side, with his paws never ahead of his owner, and to sit automatically when his owner stops. He also learnt the “Place” command where he’s to get on his mat and remain there until released. Apart from these, there were also some fun stuff he learnt, like giving his paws (i.e., shaking hands), doing hi-fives and playing fetch.

Cindy would also “what’s app” me videos clips of the various training sessions during the boot camp for me to see for myself what was being done, so that I would be able to eventually follow the same steps to reinforce some of the training he had received. When she returned him to me after boot camp, she also went through some of the steps with me and Buddy so that I could get a feel for how they were supposed to be done.

Even after boot camp, Cindy would most willingly provide me with advice, tips and recommendations whenever I had questions for her. She treats her clients with friendliness and a sincere compassion for the issues they are facing, rather than just be “business-like” about the whole thing. And she would follow up with texts to find out how the issues were being resolved. She is truly a godsend and I am heartened to know there is always someone I can approach to help deal with the ‘canine’ issues dog owners are prone to have from time to time. She truly loves dogs and is enthusiastic about helping the people who own them. I cannot recommend her and her methods too highly!

-Calvin & BUDDY (Miniature Poodle) – Boot Camp 2014

After 8 weeks of obedience training Gus has mellowed down a bit. Most importantly, I am now equipped with the knowledge that you have taught me throughout and apply it effectively to “control” Gus. My mum also have lots of fun looking at the quirky behaviours of various dogs!
Once again, Thank you!

-DeWei & GUS (Golden Retriever) – Group Obedience Class 2013

My family and I recently hired Cindy for required Obedience Training for our Cody, a Doberman cross. It was a great pleasure to work with such a wonderful teacher. She was flexible, gentle, and patient through the process. Her knowledge and expertise has given our family a new relationship with Cody. And has helped myself become more of a confident owner and handler. The techniques I acquired has made it possible for Cody to go out, explore the world and make new friends. Which is something that we never thought would be attainable. Cody and myself will be forever grateful to Cindy

-Kristina Dockall & CODY (Doberman Mix) – AVA Scheduled Dog Training 2013

Cindy is really great with dogs and embraces them whole heartedly. Whether it is boarding or boot Camp, Cindy displays such enthusiasm in making sure that her client’s dog is well taken care of and that the whole experience is such a joy to be. Charcoal is looking forward to his Jan 2014 boarding.

-Sharon Lim & CHARCOAL (Miniature Schnauzer) – Boot Camp 2013

Ruffles and I enjoyed ourselves very much every Sunday morning training with Cindy. Thanks so much for making Ruffles the bright and obedient boy he is now. It wouldn’t have been possible without you, Cindy.

-Tan Wah Sing & RUFFLES (Golden Retriever) – Private Obedience Training 2013

We attended Cindy’s basic group obedience class with Yuki, our 10 month old Japanese Spitz puppy, to help overcome her timidness & learn basic obedience. Within the 8-week course, Yuki changed from being afraid of everyone at the class to happily playing with the other puppies and allowing their owners to pet her. She has also started to nicely walk next to us rather than running all over the place during our daily walks. While Yuki has not completely overcome her fears, we have learned the proper techniques from Cindy to continue Yuki’s training on our own.
Thanks, Cindy!!

-Lisa, Rob & YUKI (Japanese Spitz) – Group Obedience Class 2013

Cindy works on not only the basic obedience training but also the confidence of the dog. She genuinely cares for her students (dogs & humans) and their progress and I would definitely recommend this course (Group Basic Obedience) to friends with doggy issues. Thank you, Cindy.

There has been marked improvements in Lucy’s behaviour and even though the stubborn girl requires a little coaxing at times, she is generally calmer around strangers – or rather, I am more able to put a stop to unwanted behaviours. Cindy has been very patient throughout the course and both Lucy and I (I speak for her) enjoyed the classes tremendously.

- Clara & LUCY (Mini Dachshund) – Group Obedience Class (April 2013)

Cindy, we wouldn’t have survived the last few months without your help, support and training (of both Charlie and us !). Thank you.

- The Senior Family & CHARLIE (Chocolate Labrador Retriever) – Group Obedience Class (April 2013)

Cindy has made life much easier for us and has relieved all our dog related stress.

- Moe, Alexander & JETT (Black Labrador Retriever) – Group Obedience Class (April 2013)

Cindy brings out the magic & potential in you and your dog. Through her sessions, you will learn that there is no bad dog but rather your commitment to train and patience to work it out together with your fur kid.

Fully committed, dedicated, good sense of humour and candid trainer. No gimmicks, sales tactics into buying unnecessary equipment or accessories. Totally professional and training from the heart for your dogs.

- Vannessa, Silas & BAGEL (Corgi) – Group Obedience Class (April 2013)

Cindy is a very patient trainer. Can tame and train all kinds of dogs.

- The Phua Family & CHARLIE (Yellow Labrador Retriever) – Group Obedience Class (April 2013)

Cindy was very patient, professional and really helpful. She not only coached us with the dog training but also helped us deal with our pet’s serious (quarantine) separation anxiety issues. The entire AVA licensing process went off smoothly with Bugle’s K-9 training service.

- Kondepudi Family & CHESSY (GSD mix) – AVA Scheduled Dog Training 2013

Thank you so much for taking the time to train JesseJ and us over the last 10 weeks. Over that period, you have been a superb instructor, a great listener and a wonderful friend to us. JesseJ, now a 9 month old Doberman Pinscher, is the obedient sweetheart and all round happy dog because we have been so fortunate to have had your guidance. As stubborn know-it-all people with some dog experience, we were initially apprehensive about getting help but your overall support in all areas of canine care goes above and beyond the call of duty and we recall feeling impressed, touched and humbled after every single lesson. Regarding training, we have taught JesseJ to balance on a small box and rotate and now we are moving on to heeling backwards. You have been a blessing and will always be an honorary guardian of JesseJ’s.

- Yishi and Kihui & JessJ (Doberman) – Private Obedience Training 2013

When we first found our mini-daschund Jazz, she was already one year old and had unfortunately spent most of that time in a cage at the kennel, and had not been socialized properly as a puppy. She had many issues, including fear of other dogs and a distrust of people.

Cindy was always patient and her calm and assertive manner helped Jazz to move onto the path of becoming a sociable, happy and active dog. By the 2nd lesson, we were already seeing improvements. But what we appreciated the most is that Cindy made sure that we understood dogs and in particular Jazz better so that we could take ownership over training Jazz after lessons. Cindy really helped to create a very strong bond between Jazz and us.

Beyond her sense of humour, I think what made us appreciate Cindy so much is that she treats Jazz like one of her own dogs. She also dog-sits Jazz when we are overseas providing us with updates on her Facebook with videos of Jazz so that we know what’s happening at dog-camp when we’re away. Cindy is a very ethical trainer and to her the happiness, well-being and health of the dog comes first.

Jazz is now a very healthy, confident and happy dog.

Thank you, Cindy.

- Dave & Wee Suan Denny

Tulio, our 2 year old long-haired Chihuahua, has found a home away from home at Cindy’s. From his boot camp days in December 2010 to date, he has learnt to be obedient and does many tricks learnt from Cindy, a wonderful trainer. We appreciate her care and concern for Tulio whenever we leave him with her.

- The Balakrishnans

“In a matter of 2-3 sessions, our naughty puppy Percy was getting obedience training on and off the leash with noticeable improvement. Cindy’s adaptive approach to training caters to both our commitment as well as working with our helper to ensure consistency in follow up. We are happy that Percy passed her ‘Good Canine Citizen Test’. We also enjoyed the ‘dog get-togethers’ that Cindy arranged where the dogs had the opportunity to take part in dog agility and obstacle courses with much fun.”

- Jackie and Philip Duffy

“Cindy taught our border collie, Rufus to be cooperative, relaxed, confident, compassionate, unselfish, and loving. Attending school was experiencing how doggie education can bond family and dog in a deep relational way. Having assessed the personality of Rufus, Cindy is helping us to develop Rufus to his potential. She has the interest of Rufus at the core of the training and I recommend her for a distinctively personalised approach.

- Jacintha Lai-Yong

If Cindy had not taken Billy Junior in for her extensive BootCamp obedience training he would not be the dog he is today.

We had tried two other ‘well-known’ trainers here but, they could not live up to nor deliver the professionalism and long lasting direction Billy Junior embraces today.

Cindy did such a good job instilling Billy Junior with spot-on obedience that we are planning to compete in the upcoming obedience trials.

Billy Junior AND I have the confidence to take on the island (hahaha).

But, above all else Cindy sealed the bond with Billy Junior and me. BJ and I now walk–off leash–regardless of surrounding distraction.

It feels so great to take walks, side-by-side, comfortably and untethered.

- Bill Calhoun

What had we got ourselves into? Adopted an ex K9 explosive English Springer Spaniel 8 yrs old, who had been declared “impossible to socialise” and had nearly died 3 times. He was
more at home on the ceiling than the floor and was nicknamed “Houdini”. An 8 month old Welsh Springer Spaniel whose attention span was zero and only interested in birds, butterflies, shadows, trying to catch his own illusive tail and at the same time stampeding over our 13 year old deaf and blind Cocker.

We have had dogs all our lives and knew the basics i.e. Alpha is the owner not the dog. But we were struggling to bring these two very boisterous gun dogs under control – YESTERDAY! We needed an Obedience trainer who could help us to be more consistent, teaching us the technique and discipline “us” to make time to train our dogs. The web was searched extensively reviewing every training method used in Singapore and then we found BuglesK9 and Cindy. We are sure that she had second thoughts when she first met us, but agreed to try and train “us”.

With Cindy’s patience, 8 weeks later we have two dogs that walk to heel on slack lead, sit, down and come when told. Muddy can now take naps without paws sticking in his ears and Spaniels raining from the ceiling. The added bonus is we thoroughly enjoyed the outings during the training and we now enjoy going out on long walks with the dogs to the Botanical gardens, East coast or wherever there is open ground where dogs are allowed.

Many thanks to Cindy for training us, Muddy, Pip and Taffy really appreciate it. We highly recommend Cindy to train any dogs or undisciplined dog owners. Cindy is the “Super Nanny” of the K9 world!

- Ginnie & Christopher Tapley

“If you ask me to recommend someone to train your dog, I would tell you to go contact Cindy immediately. She know dogs. Period! And she loves them dearly! I first cold-called Cindy even before I got my first dog, an English cocker spaniel named “Buddy”. Cindy was very helpful and gave me many helpful tips on the breed and what I should look out for when purchasing a puppy. Being a first-time dog owner, I signed up for Cindy’s puppy class. The class was exactly what I was looking for. Cindy engaged the whole family and taught us how to integrate the puppy into our lifestyle and routine. Seeing the great progress made by Buddy, I soon enrolled him for Cindy’s 10-day basic obedience boot camp. I think Buddy thoroughly enjoyed the 10 days with Cindy and it was us who suffered “separation anxiety”!

Cindy updated me regularly on Buddy’s progress and seeing the videos of him learning the various commands and tricks made me so proud of my little puppy! Even though Buddy was then 6 months old, Cindy suggested that he take the Good Canine Citizenship test. Buddy passed and I was told he was the youngest to do so! I’m looking forward to enrolling Buddy in Cindy’s advanced off-leash course and obstacles programme soon. Trust me, you will be very happy with Cindy’s professionalism and results!”

- Tan Chee Keong

Our dog was lovable and perfect for our family but walking her was not the pleasure it should be.

While good natured , our dog would pull on the leash, bark, get obsessed with everything that moved, and not listen or obey. We live close to others and having a well mannered dog in our community was very important to us.

In less than two months of training with Bugles K9 Skool she was the same great dog but now in control of her impulses, obedient and a joy to take anywhere without worry.

In fact there was immediate improvement from the first lesson and every lesson thereafter. It has been an amazing transformation.

- Charles and Rita Corley

Our Japanese Spitz, Hachii, was a typical puppy, biting and scratching, and refusing to obey commands. When we took him for walks he sniffed everything, strained at his leash and barking at people and other dogs. At home, he would chew on many items in reach, even if there was a chew toy in front of him. At times, we felt that that there was no hope in training him – or so
we thought.

By the time Cindy came to us, we were at our wits’ end at our disobedient dog. However, she helped us in many ways. She advised us and answered all our questions calmly and professionally. She taught each member of our family, including our 7 and 12 year old children, how to train Hachii to obey basic commands. She also provided top quality collars and leashes that we could use in the training process. Most importantly, Cindy assured us that Hachii was not a hopeless case and that we could indeed train him! She led us through the process of training our puppy step-by-step, making sure that all of us knew exactly what and what not to do so that he received the best training possible from everyone. Her advice was invaluable to the training of Hachii and we are very grateful to her.

We would recommend Cindy as a trainer for any owner who is looking for a knowledgeable, patient and tenacious teacher for their most beloved, canine friend.

- Ruma Balasubramanian

I can’t thank Cindy enough for everything she has done for Slippers, Duchess and me. From teaching Slippers how to be a good canine citizen to advising and helping me with my purchase of my second dog, Duchess.

Many people have complimented me on how well behaved Slippers is now after undergoing obedience training with Cindy. He is now also reliable off leash, never far from my side, and generally being a perfect gentlemen all around. Beyond obedience, Slippers has also tremendously enjoyed agility lessons with her.

When I decided to buy a second dog to keep Slippers company, Cindy came along to assess the interaction between Slippers and the puppy to make sure they got along. Her advice and concern was truly invaluable.

Duchess turned out to be a very free spirited dog always running off doing her own thing but now, after being trained by Cindy, she returns back to me everytime she’s called and is constantly checking back with me. She’s also now reliable off-leash.

What truly impressed me about Cindy’s training is that the dogs retain their unique personalities and temperaments to their breed, and yet are well behaved, listen and obey commands positively.

- Teoh Ween Sze

Thanks to Cindy, Bella (my sheltie) and I understand each other much better as the commands used are always consistent. We enjoy her lessons which are varied and always end with a little playtime for Bella. Now, I don’t need to resort to violent means teach her that I don’t want her to do something! She’s much happier too! Other than lessons, Cindy also organises extra outings where we can socialise with other dogs and their owners.

- Melissa Ng

We took in Hayley, a 3 month old x-breed puppy last year, as company for Jack, our existing 9 yr old Jack Russell terrier. Even after a month, we were quite overwhelmed by Hayley’s
youthful enthusiasm. She was nipping and pouncing on every one. Hence we were really thankful when we found Cindy. Over 3 sessions, she helped us to understand our puppy better, and more importantly, taught us how to set boundaries and how to have each member of our human family establish our authority over the puppy. This really helped, especially as the puppy grew to a 28 kg dog. Strength for strength, it would have been difficult for us to control her. But with the foundation that Cindy helped us lay, we have a fun companion in our dog, instead of an uncontrollable terror. We also signed up for Cindy’s Basic Obedience Course. Our dogs learnt to socialize with other dogs and humans. Apart from teaching them obedience, Cindy also shared her observations of each of our dogs’ personality and how we can work with them to overcome some of their bad habits. Both our dogs and we enjoyed those sessions. The lessons we learnt helped us help our dogs to be more balanced, manageable and I believe, happier dogs. Thank you, Cindy.

- Samantha Yeo

I found Cindy Cheong while searching for a trainer for my 5 month-old Golden Retriever puppy Tootsie. I took particular care to research the background, experience and qualifications of the person who would be helping me to shape the development of my puppy, and Cindy was the only dog trainer that had internationally recognized certification. In addition, I was impressed by the fact that her website was conspicuously lacking in spurious claims commonly found in other trainers’ marketing materials. My husband and I are experienced dog owners, and are familiar with canine behavior and abilities. Cindy surpassed all our expectations with Tootsie. She has a deep understanding of breed physical traits and characteristics, and her ability to assess and tailor her training programs to accommodate both owners’ and students’ needs and personalities is what makes Cindy unique among trainers in Singapore.

Tootsie not only mastered all the basics in obedience (which decent trainers are able to achieve with their students), she also learnt a wide range of advanced obedience commands as well as a sizeable “bag of tricks” in very short time. Best of all, Tootsie developed into a “thinking dog”, able to solve canine mind puzzles and anticipate our wishes when placed in different or unfamiliar situations!

Far from hot-housing Tootsie into a “model” dog, Cindy employs lots of play and socializing in her training methods, bringing out Tootsie’s delightful, playful personality. Tootsie has developed into a very happy, balanced, affectionate companion, and a favorite among family, friends, neighbors and everyone (human and canine) she meets on her frequent outings to public parks and eateries.

We have welcomed Scrubs, another Golden Retriever into our lives, and both Tootsie and Scrubs are now enjoying their training and further development under Cindy, whom they consider more than their “teacher”; in my two furkids’ eyes, Cindy is their much loved godmom, and to my husband and me, she has become a good friend. For any family that longs to have lifelong meaningful and fulfilling relationships with well-behaved, intelligent, intuitive, loving, well-adjusted happy dogs, I cannot recommend Cindy highly enough as a mentor and guide for family members and their canine companions alike.

- Deirdre Goh: Mom of Tootsie (2 yrs +) and Scrubs (1 yr +)