Your New Puppy

Puppy Perfect Start Program

2 sessions (1 indoor, 1 outdoor), $120/hr for weekdays before 5pm and $150/hr for weekends before 3pm

(For puppies below 5 months)

Your puppy’s understanding of the world and people around it is shaped very early. So proper socializing and training your puppy as soon as he arrives in your home is of vital importance. We will live with our dogs for the next 10 – 16 years so it is critical that we lay a firm foundation to prevent undesirable traits and unwanted habits from forming.

This program is done at your home with as many family members present, as possible. You will be taught how to start communications with your new puppy, curb any behavioural problems and establish manners.

• Evaluate puppy’s personality type and temperament
• Home Manners – toilet training, play biting, chewing, barking, etc …
• Temperament Training – handling & socialization exercises, confidence building, anti-aggression
• Obedience – leash walking, sit, down, come
• Others – grooming, medical/health topics, nutrition