SKC 51st – 54th Jumpers Trial

Our agility team did us proud yet again. It was a long and very very hot day but they stayed the course and won many prizes. 1. Duchess – Toy Novice 2 1st Placings & a Q 2. Sunny – Toy Novice 1 2nd Placing 3. Slippers – Mini Novice

Discover Dog Fun Jumper’s Game – Mini & Maxi Dogs Champions

Our team made a clean sweep at the recent Discover Dogs Fun Jumper’s Game. Duchess and her mom won the Mini Dog class with a run of 37.2 secs. Woohoo !!! And Bentley & his dad won the Maxi Dog class in 42 secs. Awesome stuff, team

Cosmo and Happy Go A-Weavin @ Bugle’s K-9 Resort

Cosmo and Happy have been staying with me for the past 4 days and they’ve been learning to weave. Amazing that they are able to do it in only 4 days. Woo hoo !!! The music in the back ground shld hv been “It’s been a hard day’s night and

Group Obedience (16th Feb) – Week 6

The dogs are a lot calmer this week. Able to stay on their place mats longer. And despite major distractions around them, were consistently going to their families when called. Cool !!!

My New Newspaper Delivery Boy

“No Need To Move” Agility

Our new “No Need To Move” agility class. The only equipment you need to bring is your chair

Charcoal & His New Friends – see video

So proud of Charcoal. He used to be very distrustful of other dogs and would lunge, bark and snap when they were too close to him. Now after 9 days of BootCamp, he has new friends – Stitch, Slippers & Duchess and he looks quite happy running alongside them .

SKC Discover Dog Novice Jumper Trials 2013

Our agility team of Jazz, Slippers & Taffy took part the SKC Discover Dog Novice Jumper Trials today. It was their first time taking part in a competition and they did me proud. Jazz was doing well except for some stops when people starting taking photos of her. A star

Group Obedience (7th July Intake) Week 1 – see video

A lovely day to start our new group basic obedience class. We covered reading dog body language and what’s good dog-dog play, sit, stand and pack walking. The dogs also had a bit of confidence building fun after the session. I can’t wait till next week

Misty’s Go Home Lesson – see video

Misty went home yesterday and she was so delighted to see her family again. Here she is showing them the new and improved iMisty at the Botanics. Haha … She’s carrying on w her offleash obedience training so that she can do agility w Kirsten, the little girl who does